Forum Rules And Regulations


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Jun 22, 2019
Forum rules

Please take the time to read our community guidelines before you use the forum, these rules and regulations are here to keep you safe when using universal credit forum.

We are a brand new community launched in July 2019 however, from our very first users to the last users the rules and guidelines apply to everyone that uses the site or its resources. It may be a good idea to keep checking back for regular updates to the rules as they will be updated in the coming weeks.
  • All info is the opinion of posters – it’s not our view. Any content posted on the forum is the writers review, there may be times when messages or posted material may be misleading or incorrect. We reply on community member's to report posts that don't offer value or mislead the readers.
  • We can be liable for what you post. Our number one priority is to help users with there universal credit issues, As a host of the forum we may be liable for what our visitors read. Please make sure that you follow the guidelines when posting to ensure that your post or messages are not removed or deleted.
  • Posting is a privilege, not a right. We are not affiliated with any governments, we are a volunteer run website. We only cater for people who require support for universal credit or for those that offer support
  • Please be nice to all Members. We all have different opinions and views! Please respect everyone's who uses the site, Of course we can disagree and challenge but we expect you to treat others the way you wish to be treated.
The rules listed below may be changed or amended at any time. These guidelines are here to give you a legitimate expectation of how the forum runs, but they don't bind us